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Training in the age of the Corona Virus

Instructions for training in the age of the Corona Virus

Recently, everyone is concerned with Corona. Protecting our health forces us, the trainees, to behave responsibly and with extra caution.

Therefore, in order to continue with lessons, as usual, we insist on mutual trust and behaving in accordance with the following instructions for the time being.

All Octopus Academy trainees are necessitated to abide by the following instructions (until the Corona virus passes):

1. Anyone who returns from abroad - do not arrive at the academy for two weeks starting from the day you arrived in Israel.

2. In case you feel even a little bit off - cough, light pains, sore throat, etc - don't arrive to training.

3. Wash your hands before and after each training session. We have disinfectant next to the entrance of the mats.

4. We recommended not to train at open mats (with trainees from other clubs).

5. Upon any suspicion of infection, inform the instructors.

6. If you have small children at home, we recommended to train less during this time period.

All trainees that are quarantined for two weeks will receive a two week extension of their subscription.

Health and good training to all.

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Денис Поляков
Денис Поляков
Mar 10, 2020


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